This Vlog marks the start of the Vision Farming – Soil & Biodiversity pillar. We are delighted to have Eoghan Finneran from FarmEye helping us with measuring the impacts we are making on the soil.

 “if it can’t be measured it can’t be improved”


When we started our vision farming project, we wanted to adapt and engage in new ways of doing things on our own farms. One of our short-term objectives was to reduce… 


Last week we had a bumpy start to our calving in our ForChester herd. We learned the impact of challenged metabolic function and its impact on immunity…

In this week’s video blog, we talked about some preparation done ahead of calving. Our spring calving has begun, and we are focusing on…

This week in the video above we look at what we are doing to prepare for calving 2021.
Tommy Heffernan, a veterinary consultant and member…


Several agents can cause a calf to scour. One agent who does this on its own or with secondary viral agents is cryptosporidium parvum…


The day has finally come, we are so excited to finally launch Vision Farming! A few months ago, Tommy and Stephen sat down to try understand what…

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