This week in the video above we look at what we are doing to prepare for calving 2021.

Tommy Heffernan, a veterinary consultant and member of the team, chats through in this video some of our discussions from our morning team meeting.

A big focus on energy management, applying our farm goal to be cow centred in our approach.

A big focus on Cowsignals, water, space, air, and feed.

We have prepared well for tackling milk fever. We still will be using calcium supplementation at the point of calving for our older cows.

Check out our shop to see the two products we will be using at calving to support the freshly calved cow. We will be using both fresh calver post-calving drink and YMCP blouses on both farms this year.

We have written up our farm-specific protocols, which we will be discussing in future blogs.

A wake-up call for us also before calving on our need to improve water quality on one farm. The team was at today cleaning out troughs before we employ a more long term solution.

A big focus will be on supportive care of the cow at calving. With both farm teams ready with their stomach tubes for any cow that needs fluids and other agents to get them over both sickness and any metabolic challenges.

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