In this week’s video blog, we talked about some preparation done ahead of calving.

Our spring calving has begun, and we are focusing on a couple of critical areas.

There is a big focus on immunity and colostrum.

We also are putting SOPs around cleaning equipment and general hygiene.

We are very excited about our adoption of microbes on the farms.

We are using these probiotic (microbial) solutions in several key areas.

This will be one approach we are taking to improve animal performance and reduce antibiotic usage. They will also form a more significant part of our environmental pillar in the future over the next five years.

We have four unique areas of focus.

  • We are focused on enhancing gut health, immunity, and digestion with calves, using a unique liquid probiotic from birth.

  • We are also using microbes to impact the environment positively our animals are in

  • We are using slurry inoculants again with a large volume of unique microbes to improve slurry quality.

  • Finally, in the summer, it will be the turn of silage inoculants to help the fermentation process.

We are working with a company that has created unique blends and formulations for each specific area.

We see this use of biological solutions as a critical part of our overall sustainability program. They will also confer massive health and production benefits in a very circular system.

The research and results we are seeing are leaving us very excited for the future.

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